Happy Holidays!

An almost forgotten Christmas tradition is making a comeback. It’s called Christmas Box and it’s really quite simple. On Christmas Eve, usually in the evening, all the children in the household are gathered around the Christmas tree. There, they are given boxes (of any shape, size or construction) to open. The children rip into the boxes and typically find pajamas, board and/or card games, and treats. After a few hours of playing and eating and making merry, the children are sent to bed, where they no doubt dream of the arrival of Santa Claus. While cultural anthropologists do not agree on the origin of this tradition, they do agree that the purpose of Christmas Box is to help ease the anticipation of Christmas morning; in other words, to distract the children from their countdown to Christmas joy.

At Visible Unity, we’re not children but we do love the excitement of receiving and ripping into a Christmas Box, especially one that’s filled with gifts that help us promote racial reconciliation, healing, and inclusion. If you’d like to assist us in our mission of unifying all of God’s children, we’d welcome your Christmas Box filled with any of the following:

Christmas Box Wish List
• Projector
• Mini Speakers
• Laptop
• Microsoft software
• Printer Ink
• Tablecloth with Visible Unity logo
• Easel
• Vertical banner with Visible Unity logo
• Copy/printer paper
• Manila file folders
• Folders with pockets (no prongs in middle); any color
• Pens/pencils
• Cell phone with coverage – voice and data plan

Although Christmas Eve is usually the time for giving Christmas Boxes, we’ll take your donation* any time – before Christmas, after Christmas, even in the new year! To arrange a pick-up or drop-off of your Box, please call (214) 354-9044. If you’d rather skip the shopping lines and make a financial donation (or set up monthly giving), simply click the link below.


Thank you for making our Christmas merrier and our New Year bright.

*All gifts—tangible or monetary—are tax deductible.