For individuals, organizations/companies, or groups, Visible Unity is available for consultations and/or trainings in the areas of reconciliation; diversity; spiritual formation; peace, healing and restoration; leadership; missiology; and inclusion. Consulting and/or trainings can be designed to accommodate most needs. Simply call us to discuss your requirements or to obtain more information. You may also complete the contact form.

Below are some of the organizations and groups we have been pleased to serve formally and informally:
* Remington College – Ft. Worth (Training)
* Nexus Generations (Training)
* The Corporation for Cultural Diversity in Greenville, Texas (Consulting)
* First United Methodist Church – Dallas  (Consulting)
* Body Oak Cliff — Dallas (Consulting)

“The work Pam is doing – building genuine, perspective-changing relationships between people of different races and backgrounds – is some of the most important work being done in this country today. God knows how desperately we need people sowing love in arenas where hatred pervades. Pam is one of these people, these sowers of love. Support her in any way you can. By doing so, you are contributing to a better world.”

Deborah Cunningham Pulis
Body Oak Cliff, Executive Director


Visible Unity offers training, consultancy, and presentations on a variety of topics, a few are listed below. If you would like us to participate with your organization or group, please complete the form with as much detail as possible. We will respond as soon as possible to determine the feasibility of your request. We can tailor what we provide for most requests.

Our pricing runs from $500 to $2,500 and is based upon the number of hours or days requested, the number of people expected, the breadth of material to be covered, travel and a number of other items. We are flexible and willing to work with most budgets. Some scholarships are available on a need basis.


What? There’s Still Racism?????

Having a black president did not eliminate racism. Racism is embedded in every system across the United States. In this foundational workshop, participants will learn more about the untold US history along with some of the numerous microaggressions that people of color endure every day in America. Yes, there is still racism!

Target Audience: Those with limited exposure to people of color.

Change the Narrative: Talk and Hang

Having healthy conversations around race and building relationships across divides helps to change the dominant narrative in our country. In this challenging yet transformative course, participants will begin to understand the necessity and outcomes of changing the narrative while broadening their perspective of others. Participants will discover their role in society and learn how they can expand to support belonging and dignity for all.

Target Audience: Those who are informed and want to be more involved in dismantling racism.

Dignity/Equity Framework

All human beings are deserving of dignity and a basic level of respect. Participants will learn the difference between belonging and inclusion and about the racial framework of America. Armed with this information, participants will be better able to advocate for justice and equity for all.

Target Audience: Those who are informed yet struggle to find their niche in dismantling racism.

*All topics can be adapted for workshops, presentations, trainings, and other purposes.