First Visitors in 2019!

Every year, around this time of year, my mother tells the following story:

Her aunt (who shall go nameless because this is a true story) was standing on the porch early one New Year’s morning and saw both of her grown sons walking towards her house. One son was a model son. He worked hard, cared for his family, and helped out in the community. The other son, well, let’s just say he was the opposite of his brother. The boys were coming from opposite directions and both were walking at about the same speed. In our culture, there was a belief (and some may still hold this belief) that the first person who visited your home on New Year’s Day would determine the type of year you’d have. Believing this, our aunt started waving and shouting for the “good” son to hurry and come. Seeing how frantic and animated their mother was, both boys began running to her, and wouldn’t you know it, the good son stepped up on her porch and entered her house as the first caller of the new year – this, the sign of a good year. The mother was joyous! The second son entered soon after and between huffs and puffs asked what was wrong. Turns out both sons thought something awful had happened and that’s why their mother had been frantically waving. I don’t know how my grand-aunt answered her son’s question or how the rest of the visit went or how the year turned out for her because by this time in the storytelling, we are usually in stitches, laughing.

So why am I sharing this treasured family story with you? Because as the Founder of Visible Unity, I want this organization—who has helped so many and is positioned to help many more—to have a good year. I want all of you who believe in social justice, inclusion, and unity to be the first visitor to Visible Unity in 2019 by making a generous donation to the organization.

We’ve accomplished much this year through our Unity Process groups and Visible Community events, but we are far from done. With your help, we can conduct two more Unity Process groups in 2019. We can host four Safe Space Conversations—one per quarter, and we can hold our first Citywide Block Party, which will bring diverse individuals and cultures together in a fun atmosphere of learning and sharing.

Come! Be our first visitor and help establish 2019 as a good year for Visible Unity. We’re frantically waving. Please give.

*All gifts—monetary or tangible—are tax deductible.