Once-a-Monthers Campaign

Have you wanted to participate in North Texas Giving Day but it did not align with your pay period? Now there is a way you can participate.

What is the Once-a-Monthers campaign?
Most of the board members of Visible Unity worked for organizations where we were paid once a month. We always wanted to participate in NTXGD but couldn’t because of the way our pay periods fell. And let’s be honest, once-a-monthers don’t usually make the big bucks, right? But they usually have the biggest hearts, right? Does this describe your situation or can you relate? If so, the Once-a-Monthers campaign is for you.

How you can participate
Go to our website  http://www.visibleunityinc.org/once-a-monthers-donations/, between August 15th and September 8th, and give as little as $10.00 to support the programs of Visible Unity. While you’re on the donation page, please let us know that you are a once-a-monther. Donations designated as such will be matched by the Board of Visible Unity, and that match adds to our NTGD total.

How your gift helps?
Your financial gift will help support the great programs we offer such as Safe Space Conversations, the Unity Process, Prayers for Peace, and more. More importantly, your support furthers the mission of Visible Unity – to create a more reconciled and peaceful community.

Thank You!
We want to thank you in person. Please join us at the next Safe Space Conversations on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at 6:00 pm at Maracas Cocina in Deep Ellum, and introduce yourself as a Once-a-Monther.