Bringing Diverse People Together in Unity



Bringing Diverse People Together in Unity


Join us in the Random Acts of Interaction Challenge

What is it? The RAoI Challenge is a program designed to force people out of their comfort zone to intentionally engage a person one would not normally engage.

Random aspect of this program speaks to the randomness with which we encounter people who are not like us.

Acts part of this program refers to the action one decides to take to engage someone who is perceived as different.

Interaction speaks to actions and feelings during and post-exchange.

Random Acts of Interaction
The Process for Interacting with “Others”

  • As you’re out and about on your daily grind, you may encounter people who you consider different from you. RAoI allows you to interact with those persons and remove the stigma of “other.” RAoI expands the boundaries of your world at your own speed.

  • Approach someone who is different from you and interact with them. Your interaction may be a conversation while working a joint project, sitting in the jury room together, over dinner, etc. Remember, this is an intentional interaction. One you plan to do. Please see Tips for Interacting.

  • After the interaction, share your experience with us. Use the website contact form or use your personal social media platforms, including the hashtags #randomactsofinteraction and/or #comfortzonesucks. Also include a short write up (who, what, when, where, how) and maybe even a photo or video.

  • Share with Visible Unity all experiences – good and bad.

  • Do it again! Challenge yourself.

  • Attend the Facebook Live wrap up event on July 2, 2019 at 8:00 pm (central time). Celebrate your own personal Independence Day – freedom from fear of others or seeing others as non-beings.

Random Acts of Interaction
Tips for Interacting

  • Set the intention that this will be a positive interaction. Be open-minded and go with the flow.

  • Be respectful of the time and place. The emergency room of a hospital may not be the place to engage with someone, but the waiting room of the doctor’s office might be.

  • What criteria will you use to select who you will approach? What person do you absolutely fear to approach? What person are you less afraid to approach? Your first time out you may want to select the type of person you are least afraid to approach, i.e., a homosexual, an Asian, a mega church member, a prostitute, etc. Once you’ve had a few interactions go for the hard interaction.

  • Absolutely know your limitations. If you absolutely cannot engage an entire group, approach a party of one. If you absolutely cannot interrupt someone’s meal at a restaurant even if you’re sitting side by side at the counter, go to the park instead when people are usually engaging in leisure.
  • Have “safe” openings at the ready.

    Avoid religion, politics, sex, etc. Instead consider the weather (yes, this is still a good tried-and-true opener), a human-interest story you recently heard, a compliment or observation, a question like “how’s life treating you today?” etc.

  • How will you know it’s time to close out the interaction? What signs should you be aware of? People looking at a watch, people looking off or around you are just a few clues it’s time to wrap it up. Pay attention to non-verbal clues. Be wary of overstaying the interaction. The interactions may range from a few minutes to a few hours.

  • How will you close the interaction? How will you walk away from the interaction? Will you ask for an email address or phone number to stay in touch? Will you shake hands, hug or take a selfie? Will you pray for each other or wave? Again, go with the flow. Be aware of body, facial or tone of voice clues.

Random Acts of Interaction
Tell Us About It

We want to hear about your interactions. Please tell us while the interaction is fresh – 24 to 48 hours. There are several ways you can self-report.

When you share your interaction on social media, please include the hash tags #randomactsofinteraction and #comfortzonesucks. We suggest you copy and paste the hash tags to ensure appropriate tagging. Include any photos, videos, or links. List first names only, be brief, and avoid giving away inappropriate information like doctor’s names or other sensitive data. It’s worth mentioning again: please include the hash tags on social media: #randomactsofinteraction and #comfortzonesucks.

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